Flexible Content Workbench

Flexible Content Workbench is a software service that provides seamless integration of modern content procurement with the packaging capabilities of the leading German tour operator system WBS Blank. Based on open data formats like OTA, accoXchange and OTDS, it can handle push or pull data providers.

The system offers both, booking and Price + Availability API for curated and semi-curated packages created within WBS Blank. It frees providers and IBE builders from the hassle of interacting with the various low-level APIs to WBS Blank.


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Offer Inspector

To support a faster adoption of emerging touristic inventory definition languages like OTDS or accoXchange, we have created an independent and neutral testing platform called Offer Inspector. It is a web-based, user-friendly tool that will reduce load from IT departments by providing automated scheduling and a self-service user interface.

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OTDS Converter Services

OTDS as an XML-based open standard overcomes known limitations of many other offer data exchange formats. It is already processed by the leading sales platform, TravelTainment, and also by many of the technical advances tour operators and their inventory systems.

If you consider to explore the possibilities of OTDS-based virtual touristic inventories (VTI), we will be more than happy to offer our professional services.

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