Offer Inspector

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Current Release: Philip Marlowe b92b since Aug 20, 2018


NEW: Automatic TTMT Error Report Processing

Traveltainment (TTMT) provides a daily booking request report to it's connected suppliers. Offer Inspector can be configured to automatically import that report file and compare it to the previous instance. The summary is presented on different tabs, showing the number of failed requests per destination, accommodation or error code.

Users can perform a drill-down to see all requests belonging to the selected category. Each request can be re-tested against the built-in OTDS Engine and various Offer Services.

This feature lets you act upon the error reports and verify that your solution takes effect.

About Offer Inspector

To support a faster adoption of emerging touristic inventory definition languages like OTDS or AccoXchange, we have created an independent and neutral testing platform called Offer Inspector. It is a web-based, user-friendly tool that will reduce load from IT departments by providing automated scheduling and a self-service user interface.

Especially OTDS newbies and mature producers will find it very useful during all phases of OTDS-related activities:

  • Initial Development of OTDS export solutions
  • Integration with OTDS consuming platforms
  • Continuos monitoring and improvement of your OTDS delivery chain

The Developer Edition of the product includes features that will help you develop and better understand OTDS processing solutions.