OTDS Converter Services

The free and open XML-based language OTDS is well-suited to distribute your touristic products in a so-called Virtual Touristic Inventory (VTI). The main advantage of this approach, compared to channel manager or bed-bank integrations, is that leading tour operators in the German source market will be able to use your products in their pre-packaging production model.

OTDS as a standard is already processed by the leading sales platform, TravelTainment, and also by many of the technical advances tour operators and their inventory systems.

If you consider to explore the possibilities of OTDS-based VTIs, we will be more than happy to offer our professional services.

Step 1: OTDS Bootcamp

Book our first-class workshop to get you bootstrapped for your OTDS project.


Step 2: Create your virtual inventories

The easiest way to a robust OTDS-based distribution. Get our customized template package for your product or use our OTDS Caster to virtualize your inventory.


Step 3: Maintain Data Quality

With our leading automated testing and QA tool, Offer Inspector, you can setup a continuos testing and improvement chain to deliver accurate and clean distributions to your customers.

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