Offer Inspector

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Current Release: Philip Marlowe on case 60fb since Jan 29, 2019


NEW: OTDS Price Calculation Reports

OTDS is a powerful language that allows great flexibility and can express almost all known pricing rules. But this comes at cost of simplicity, making it hard to figure out how price computation plays out.

This feature new shows the involved component of an offer computation based on your test case together with a comprehensive display of the price items participating in every phase of the price computation.

The paths to the components are XPath expressions that make it possible to search within the OTDS file. The price items are grouped to person-day matrices that are conneted by hyperlinks.

Offer Inspector OTDS Report

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About Offer Inspector

To support a faster adoption of emerging touristic inventory definition languages like OTDS or AccoXchange, we have created an independent and neutral testing platform called Offer Inspector. It is a web-based, user-friendly tool that will reduce load from IT departments by providing automated scheduling and a self-service user interface.

Especially OTDS newbies and mature producers will find it very useful during all phases of OTDS-related activities:

  • Initial Development of OTDS export solutions
  • Integration with OTDS consuming platforms
  • Continuos monitoring and improvement of your OTDS delivery chain

The Developer Edition of the product includes features that will help you develop and better understand OTDS processing solutions.