Resilient and confidential

There was a small bird flying along one cold winter day when the cold began to overcome him.  He fluttered to the ground and despaired for his survival but just as he was closing his eyes and breathing his last breath, a horse came along and dropped a pile of horse-souvenir on him.  The horse-souvenir was warm and although smelly, the little bird slowly began to revive.  He was so happy that he began to sing brightly, announcing his joy at salvation.  A passing hawk heard the commotion, swooped down and ate him.

There are three key lessons to take from this tale:

1) Not everyone that poops on your head is your enemy

2) Not everyone that pulls you out of a pile of horse-souvenir is your friend... and...

3) If you are warm, comfortable and things are going well... KEEP. YOUR. MOUTH. SHUT. and enjoy it.

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Credits to Brian Farish for remembering the bird.