OTDS Services

The free and open XML-based language OTDS is well-suited to distribute your touristic products in what we call Virtual Touristic Inventory (VTI). The main advantage of this approach depends, on which side of the supply chain you are.

If you are a supplier of touristic services, let's say a bed bank, leading tour operators in the German source market will be able to use your products in their pre-packaging production model.

If you are a consumer of touristic products, let's say an OTA or a Tour Operator, you can extend your product integrating the OTDS distributions to your inventory or Availability and Rates Information (ARI) cache.

We provide the know-how and the core technology to tap the vast possibilities of an unlimited supply using OTDS.

The a-five VTI platform, launched in December 2018 after 2 years of hard work, leverages our market leading OTDS engine that that also powers the Offer Inspector, to extract OTDS distributions to ARI caches. One VTI core takes around 3ms to render an offer from an OTDS product and scales up linear by the amount of available CPUs with a rather small memory footprint. It has been designed as micro-service and is cloud-ready.

If you consider to explore the possibilities of OTDS-based VTIs, we will be more than happy to offer our professional services.

Step 1: OTDS Bootcamp

Book our first-class workshop to get you bootstrapped for your OTDS project.


Step 2a: Create your virtual inventories

The easiest way to a robust OTDS-based distribution. Get our customized template package for your product or use our OTDS Caster to virtualize your inventory. 

Step 2b: Consume OTDS distributions 

Use our VTI platform launched December 2018 to extract offers from OTDS distributions, or augment and remix OTDS from different sources.


Step 3: Maintain Data Quality

With our leading automated testing and QA tool, Offer Inspector, you can setup a continuos testing and improvement chain to deliver accurate and clean distributions to your customers or to verify and test the data from your suppliers.